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5 tips to strengthen your brand online

Having a strong brand image can help potential website customers to relate your name with an industry. When they need the services you provide, who is the first name that springs to mind? If it isn’t you (quite yet) take a look at these 5 points.

1. Get your web site right

Your website will act as a hub for all of your online marketing efforts. Email marketing campaigns, email footers, banner ads, adwords campaigns…they all direct to your website, so it’s important you get this step right.

Your website should be unique to separate you from the competition, as well as being easy to use. The last thing you want is to get people to your site, only for them to leave due to the confusing layout or amateurish feel to the business.

Decide early on what the main goal of the site is going to be. The calls to action can then be planned accordingly. 

 2. Improve your rankings 

Ranking well in the search engines means more traffic due to your website’s visibility. That’s obvious, right? However, online shoppers also perceive higher ranked websites to be more trustworthy and established than lower ranked pages, which is good news for your brand…if you can get to the top of the rankings.

To get yourself in a better position, its important that your site is optimised. Although we can help with this, you can also carry out some on-page SEO by ensuring your content is targeted to your market, and your image tags, page titles, and H1 titles incorporate the terms you want to be found for. Take a look at the Google Keyword Tool as a starting point, and see what kind of keyword combinations people are using in your industry. 

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3. Be consistent

If you are going to have a strong brand image, it’s important all of your printed marketing material is consistent. Your website, sales letters, flyers and company press release copy must all give off the same message about your business, and not confuse. The last thing you want is for someone to see one of your adverts and go to your website, only for them to wonder “is this the same company?”  

4. Create a blog

By creating a blog you can connect with anyone who shares an interest in your work, who will return to your site to read every new article. Ensure your blog matches your website colour scheme, fonts and layout as you want to put your name in forefront of your reader’s mind.  By incorporating RSS, your articles can be shared by a large audience, increasing your site traffic and “buzz” around your brand.  

5. Let your customers help you out 

Trying to gain new customers is never easy. It can be time consuming and expensive trying to persuade potential customers why they should choose you over someone else. These people are much more likely to trust you if the recommendation is coming from someone they know.

Ensuring your service is top quality goes without saying. But offering great, sharable website content gives people something to talk about, and a reason to bring up your name in conversation. Think about what your customers are interested in, and give them some real value.