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Finding a web designer in Oxford

Your website is the first point of communication between you and your customers. Therefore the importance of a unique, creative web design in Oxford or any highly competitive city is essential to separate yourself from the competition.

But with so many web designers in Oxford, how can you narrow down your search? The key is to check out potential designers past work.

Creating a great website design requires instinct, technical skill, knowledge and plenty of experience. You have to be sure your new designer ticks all of these boxes, and not only understands your requirements but has the know-how to fulfil them to the best of their ability.

1. There are plenty of free WordPress templates available online, but if you go down the pre-existing template route, you will just be another face in the crowd. The same applies if your web designer doesn’t produce something totally unique and takes shortcuts. Be sure to check your short-listed designers offer each client something tailored to their needs and doesn’t base everything on the same bland theme

2. Your webdesigner should oversee the proper insertion of graphics, videos and other media. This may seem very basic, but it requires a lot of sound judgement. Your designer should know the most appropriate strategy for your needs without making your site appear cluttered or bland. So take a look at the inner pages from their previous work as these are often an after thought. The homepage might look great, but do the other pages offer the same quality?

3. The placement of content, links, search and other navigational tools has an important impact on the impression that your site visitors get. Therefore, always look for a local web designer who takes the time to ensure these are attractive as well as user friendly. The main aim is to give relevant information to your visitors but also invite them to become your customers.

4. The design, font and colour scheme should be visually appealing, but it should neither be too flashy nor should it drown out the actual content. The skills of a trained and experienced professional web designer go a long way in achieving the perfect balance with your site. How do your potential designer’s fare? Do they offer too many bells and whistles or are their minimal designs plain boring?

5. A good web professional will always use the latest tools and techniques to ensure your web page works across all platforms. The best way to ensure you won’t be losing customers through non-compatibility is to visit some of their past sites on a variety of devices. If that’s not possible, try the cheaper option and browse their client’s sites on a variety of browsers.

6. Finally, many Oxford web design company fees tend to be towards the high end of the scale. Although cheap web design should be avoided, don’t be afraid to ask for a breakdown of costs. You still want value for money with this essential investment, and with the amount of competition in a large city such as Oxford, designers should offer the flexibility to take on your project.

So the key is always do your research when in the market for Oxford web designers as their performance will have a far reaching effect on your business. By hiring the right person for the job, you will reach your customers effectively, ensuring your business continues to head in the right direction.