Creating a logo to leave a lasting impression

Thursday, March 17, 2011 by Richard Howe

All of the best logos are instantly recognisable. Is yours? If not, here are our 6 points to ensuring your logo looks good and leaves a lasting impression with your target market:

1. Your logo doesn't need to reflect what you do

Just because you are in a particular industry, it doesn't mean your logo has to incorporate something synonymous with your field. Take a look at the Dell or Apple logo right in front of you. Neither logo has anything to do with computers! 

2. Not every logo needs an image

Images can add to a logo when they can become a representation of a company. But not every logo needs one. Sometimes things look cleaner with text alone. There are so many fonts around, it can be easy to find something pretty unique that people will relate to your company. See for a huge selection of what's available.

3. Use the right combinations 

Colour grabs attention. Without colour, your logo design will more than likely look pretty dull. Get the combinations right though is not always easy, especially when trying to squeeze in several colours. Stick to just a few tones. 

4. Check things in black and white

With too many gradients and fancy colour variations, your logo will not only look very busy, but may also be a problem. For example, you get published in a newspaper. Your logo is included alongside your article or advert, in black and white print. However, all the colours are no longer distinguishable in B&W, and any clarity you had in colour is now lost. 

5. Don't be too trendy

Certain styles come and go in design. Whether it's cars, websites or fashion. What looks good now, may not look good in a few years time. As you want your corporate brand identity to remain consistent, it's likely your logo is going to do the same. So don’t follow what everyone else is doing. Your logo needs to look good today and in years to come. 

6. Keep things simple

A simple logo helps your brand to become recognisable. Take McDonald's or Nike for example. Both use very clean, uncluttered shapes which provide instant recognition. By keeping things so simple, this also helps with different size scales. You want your image to be distinguishable down to a size of one inch, without it turning into just a blob of colour.

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