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First flyer impressions

Although flyers can be a fantastic way of getting your message across to targeted businesses or households, a poor layout can be one way of ensuring they go straight to the bin.

Here are four tips to ensure your flyer not only gets read, but acted on as well.

The inspiration

This is the first impression when someone first picks a flyer up from their door mat. It involves the overall layout and design, rather than any of the finer details at this point.

The images, fonts and paper quality can determine whether the recipient finds the flyer appealing within a few seconds. If you can crack this, the chances are you have captured their initial interest. This then prompts them to take a closer look at what you want to tell them about.

The offer

The offer explains what the reader can get out of your promotion.  

In most cases, the offer should be prominently displayed towards the top of the flyer, so the reader isn’t wading through lines of text to work out what it is you are offering. Space is usually of a premium on a standard flyer, so saying this in the shortest way possible is not a bad way to go.

Without building their interest, not many people will read on. Unfortunately the campaign will have failed if this happens, just as you got over the difficult first hurdle.

Remember that people love to know what they can get out of something. Can you save them money? Teach them something new perhaps? Make this very clear and the chances are the responses will be that much better. Tailor the offer to different audiences if possible, so that you are targeting to fit in with their needs.

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The call to action 

All of the great copy you have so far can be pretty useless if you don’t ask the reader to act on what they have just read. “Visit us at…” “Email us on…” “Call us on”… these are all asking for some kind of response from the reader. The key is proving why the reader should act, and then getting them to do so.

The lasting impression 

This is perhaps the best indicator of how much of an impact your campaign has made with your audience.

A message that is forgotten as soon as it is delivered is not what you are after. Even if your recipient doesn’t need your services right now, who’s to say they won’t a few weeks later? If your campaign has been a success, you will be the very first company that pops into their head, thanks to your strong offer.

Regardless of how much you are spending, enhancing your brand should one of the priorities from your campaign. This is done by getting the combination of the three points above just right. When everything comes together, you can start enjoying the success that properly designed advertising material can provide.