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Email marketingEmail marketing is an extremely cost-effective and convenient way of staying in touch with those most likely to buy your products or services - your existing customer base.

With our customised email templates, you can recycle and refresh interest among your customers with an HTML newsletter, designed to match your existing website and further enhance your branding.

Research has shown email marketing to still be one of the most powerful and effective approaches to brand promotion, though comparatively few businesses are fully exploring its potential.

Responsive email templates

In order to appeal to modern consumer audiences, email marketing campaigns must take into account the mobile revolution. Just like our websites, our email templates are responsive. The HTML templates will adjust to the specifics of your recipient’s device, in order to give them an optimal view – increasing both click-through rates and your bottom line.

Along with AB split testing of potential ideas before they go to market, we also provide heat-mapping and deep analytical study to determine which elements of your website are performing to their maximum potential and which are driving your visitors away.

Newsletter design

We can create promotional email templates or newsletter templates alike and our experience in getting the most from each email marketing campaign is unrivalled.

Each HTML email template can be re-used over and over again, sent from our purpose built e-delivery system. It’s as simple as inserting your content and clicking “send”, without any coding whatsoever. Our newsletter system can also be used for A/B split testing different versions of your content to see what performs well and what doesn't. The system will also relveal which which links a specific customer is clicking, allowing you to deturmine what is of interest to a particular customer for future mailings.

Email marketing benefits

Regardless of your brand’s size or purpose, our email marketing services offer a wide variety of benefits, including:

  1. Your HTML newsletter template will act as an extension to your brand
  2. An incredibly cost-effective approach to online marketing
  3. Additional value from your existing customer base
  4. Ability to quickly create share-worthy HTML content to boost exposure
  5. Fully measurable e-marketing results with analytical statistics
  6. A/B email split testing
  7. Increased engagement with stagnant website customers
  8. Minimal overhead costs and immediate results

The power of email marketing should never be over looked, and is still one of the most cost-effective and pro-active methods of reaching those who have a real interest in your brand and services.

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I couldn't recommend Richard more highly. He has far exceeded our expectations in designing and building our second company website.

We still use the first one for a different aspect of our company and customers always take the time to comment on how wonderful and easy to use it is.

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