Why quality web content matters

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 by Richard Howe

Google have been cracking down on the "black hat" strategies which many websites use to climb the rankings. If a search engine thinks your strategy is stuffed with keywords, full of hidden text or using some other unethical practice, your first page position can soon take a tumble. Worse still, you could see your domain name banned from the search engine.

For this reason, good web page copywriting has never been so important to your rankings. Here's why...

1. Google's algorithm does have limitations

This means it's still possible for unethical sites to slip through their net, and basically allowing content to climb the rankings that doesn't deserve to be there. However, there are human based search engines which are now gaining a market share. Web content displayed through these engines are controlled by the user, so content without relevance eventually gets filtered out. Although this isn't mainstream yet, the sites with great content will be better placed when this becomes the norm. 

2. There is some criticism in the way certain sites are intrusive to users 

So search engines have been forced to deal with companies which use these techniques to gain an advantage. Due to this discontent, Google have taking notice of what users have to say, and changed to provide a better user experience. Therefore this again shows that focusing on true quality is the way to go. 

3. Google has knocked back sites which are full of mediocre content that dominate the top ranking spots

By changing their algorithm, some really well known websites which produce masses of content have taken a hit. This is designed to encourage everyone to produce content which is relative, and provides real value to anyone reading it. In order to stay in-line with Google's and Yahoo's best practices, produce great web copy - there is no short cut!

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Starting a business was a big step for me. Marketing and as such – my website – was front-of-mind for a long time. I’d heard horror stories of people spending 5-digit sums of money on company websites and being presented with digital disasters.

Richard was a pleasure to work with. He really listened to the brief and had the patience of a saint as we went through the 1,000 subsequent iterations of what I wanted.

The result was a slick look and feel, highly functional starter website which I’ll be looking to build in various segments over time. Oh and it was well within budget for a 2 person start-up business. Great value. Can’t recommend Richard enough…the work speaks for itself!
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